28 September 2017

Light Up The Law 2017

Light Up the Law event

It was a “dreich” night (Scots for blooming awful wet) on top of the Law Hill in Dundee. It was the 20th September and everyone had gathered for the Light Up the Law event.

The third year since it began the people of Dundee had gathered together to remember those who have lost their lives to acts of terror. To show solidarity with those people who have had to flee war, and those who have lost their lives in the search for shelter from war.

There were speakers from different communities, pipe drums and music from local artists. Roughly two hundred people gathered on this very wet horrible night. The event was streamed live to Nigeria, from where one of the speakers was from.

Jayne Kelly, the main organiser, always spoke from the heart on the refugee crisis. I had been honoured for the second time by the invitation to speak. As is my desire, I spoke against the hatred that is becoming part of our daily lives and how important it is to stand against it.
Seeing the many people gathered there, all for the same reasons was incredible. These events are vital focal point for people to come together and show their solidarity.