28 July 2018

GAU Returns to Redbridge.

The GAU Team Visit

Earlier this year the GAU team visited the borough of Redbridge in East London. My reception here on that occasion was very warm. Well on my return the weather was exceedingly warm however the reception was wonderful.

The GAU team were met by schools who were very well organised and efficient, by students who were attentive and ready to listen to and discuss the message behind the campaign. We often over ran our time slot because there were so many questions. I wish I had more than a week in this wonderful area.

The Schools.

On the Monday we started off the Forest Academy to a great reception from the students. In the afternoon we went to Ilford County High School who we returned to on the Friday. The students of ICHS were superb with some great questions. Tuesday saw us at Wanstead High School, again to a great response to the GAU campaign. Oaks Park was the venue on Wednesday with some really meaningful interactions with their students. Some of the students even asked for my autograph on more than a few occasions.

Thursday saw a first for me. We first went to the Ursuline Academy and then Mayfield School. The Ursuline students questions were of an extremely high order and I had to plead ignorance on a number of occasions. Mayfield’s reception was incredible. The students gave me a standing ovation, which moved me close to tears. Friday afternoon we were at Palmer Catholic Academy, goodness me, we could have gone on for hours with all the questions.

Once again, I want to thank my team for organising me, my thanks also go to the schools for allowing me into their learned establishments. Most of all though thank you to the students, without you and your reception GAU would be nothing.

Redbridge, You were amazing, again.