28 November 2018

The Latest News from the GAU Campaign.

Mike Haines school presentation

Hi Folks, how’s everyone out there in the GAU world?

I thought I would bring you up to date with all that’s happening in the GAU Campaign.

Upcoming OBE Award Ceremony.

At present I am on a train heading down to London with some of my family for the award of the OBE tomorrow at Buckingham Palace. It still sounds very strange to me and surreal. It will be an amazing experience and a real real honour. The award is not going to one man it is for every member of the team, every student who came and shook my hand after we visited their school. Every student who has turned away from an act of hatred. I am really looking forward to the ceremony although I am a touch nervous. I would like to thank everyone who has had a hand in this award of the OBE.


I Got Married!

I recently got married to a wonderful lady who has made my life complete. We got married in the middle of October at a great hotel. The Service was quite wonderful, full of laughter and love. We were so happy to share our day with family and friends who made the trek from all over the country. The night was almost like every good Scots wedding, plenty of dancing, plenty of drinking however no fighting.


New to the GAU Family.

We have some new team members to the GAU campaign. I welcome them to the GAU family and look forward to working with them. I am sure that they will make a real positive contribution to the team and campaign.


GAU is Returning to London.

As from the 3rdof December the GAU Schools tour will be visiting schools in Ealing, Enfield and Newham. I am really looking forward to some great interactions, dialogue and questions with the students. I expect they will have some challenging questions and dialogue. Hopefully some of these students will be joining the ranks of the GAU Ambassadors and helping to make our communities a better place.