29 March 2019

Another Goodbye to Old Friends.

Changes to GAU.

Another big change has happened in the Global Acts of Unity world. We are saying goodbye to my old team and friends and welcoming a new team in.

I am really saddened to see some of the Global Acts of Unity team leaving. I started working with this team at the very start of GAU. At first, they were colleagues and then as the relationship built they have become true friends. They are people who I trust without exception.

I have rarely come across such dedicated, talented people. It really has been an honour to know them and work with them. I was regularly astonished by their dedication. Now that our working relationship has come to an end I am sure that our friendship will continue.

I wish you all (and you know who you are) the very very best for all your future endeavours. If you ever fancy a beer give me a call.

To my new team I look forward to building the same sort of relationship I had with the old. We will break new ground and build on the work of those who came before.

Take care my friends. I and Global Acts of Unity thank you for your dedication.

Over and Out,