27 October 2019

GAU Back In Bradford.

Ellar Carr PRU

Always a Pleasure to be in Bradford.

As my readers will know I was down in Bradford helping launch the Bradford District Hate Crime Awareness Campaign on the 11th of October. Since I was down here, we thought it would be a good idea if we could visit some of the schools, youth groups and organisations in the area.

I have a fondness for Bradford and Yorkshire as well. My family lived in various places in Yorkshire when I was much younger and to this day I have kin in Yorkshire. I admire the way Yorkshire folk think and their attitude to life.

GAU’s visits.

I only had three days to speak in Bradford as we were moving down to Hertfordshire on Wednesday night. The three days began on the 14th of October with a visit to the attendees of the Clayton Village Youth Group.

The young men and women of this club were really welcoming and interested in what I had to say. They did not have to stay and listen, they were there voluntarily, however listen they did. The staff at this great club were very helpful and appreciative of GAU’s visit.

The 15th of October saw Global Acts of Unity visit Prism City Farm and Youth Project. The city farm is a community, environmental and educational project which offers young people aged 12-21 the opportunity to manage the day-to-day running of an inner-city farm. The young people are engaged in looking after the animals and their welfare, whilst ensuring the land is maintained and developed.

The farm has an excellent history of engaging socially excluded young people, those excluded from school, at risk of offending and those who may choose it as a career path.

GAU has never visited such an organisation before, it was incredible. I hope we get to visit again so we can see more of what goes on. Once again, the youth and staff were so friendly and warm. It was a real pleasure visiting this project.

The evening saw us travel out to Frizinghall Youth Club to visit this part of Bradford and chat with members and staff. We had a great evening with the cub members and staff.

The morning of 16th October saw GAU at Parkside School in Cullingworth. We were here to give two presentations at this cracking school. Our visit here was extremely well received both by staff and students. We had some great questions and some really good discussions with the students. We really enjoyed our visit to this school.

Our last visit in Bradford District was at Ellar Carr PRU. Ellar Carr is set in some gorgeous, well maintained grounds. We were given a tour of the school and met some of the students we were going to present to later. Ellar Carr was spotless, an obvious pride in the school by students and staff alike.

The presentation went incredibly well. The students and staff responding to the message of the rejection of hate so well. I was so moved by the student’s questions and their understanding. I really was inspired this school, its staff and the amazing students.

Last Thoughts.

So, our short visit to Bradford District was over. It was a real pleasure to be back in this great city and wonderful people. Bradford can be rightly proud of its students and youth. There were some great visits, Prism, Parkside and the jewel in the crown of Ellar Carr. I hope we get back to this area so we can visit more of the schools and students in the heart of Yorkshire.

Over & Out,