12 November 2019

Gryffe High Were Grand.

Gryffe High School.

The early morning of November 1st saw Global Acts of Unity on the train to Glasgow and then onto the village of Houston in Renfrewshire. I must admit to having a wee sleep on the way over.

Much of the coal, cotton and linen industry of the area has sadly disappeared and times have been hard for the folk of Renfrewshire. However these difficult times have not affected the people of this area, their warmth, compassion and openness was so apparent in the students and staff of Gryffe High School.

GAU in Gryffe.

My assistant could not be with me on this visit so one of the staff of this quite impressive school helped me out, thank you. The students of both presentations were so well behaved when coming into the hall. Both presentations were honoured by such a high engagement level from the students. They showed so much compassion and understanding of the message of Global Acts of Unity.

Afterwards I met some really inspiring students and learned of the amazing work that this school, its staff, and students are involved with. From a Rainbow themed 3km Fun Run, raising funds for the LGBT community, Diversity Awareness Month, to winning a Fairtrade award. This school has a Student Management Committee that is lead and staffed by the pupils.

Impressive and Inspiring.

This really is such a forward thinking, inclusive and inspiring school. How the students have got involved in so many projects is quite impressive and humbling. I certainly enjoyed my visit to Gryffe High. I look forward to continuing the friendship between GAU and Gryffe High.

Last Thoughts.

Like many places all over our country Johnstone and Renfrewshire have been having a hard time. However from all that I have experienced and discussed at Gryffe High, Renfrewshire has a real bright and exciting future in these wonderful students.
My sincere thanks to the students and staff of this fabulous school. You have been amazing.

Over & Out,