18 December 2019

Beautiful Bell Baxter High.

GAU in Cupar, Fife.

On a cold cold morning with frost on the ground it was an early start for Global Acts of Unity as Gregor and I headed off to Cupar. Cupar is a gorgeous wee town in Fife. It and its people are well worth a visit.
Global Acts of Unity had been invited to present at Bell Baxter High School. Although Bell Baxter is now housed in a modern building with some great resources Bell Baxter has a long history.
There is quite a list of former pupils who have achieved notable accomplishments in the sporting and civic worlds. Bell Baxter is also the school where the Proclaimers were educated.

The Presentations.

The students for both presentations filed in all nice and quiet. They filled that hall there were so many of them. All through both the presentations the students were incredibly engaged and showed so much understanding and compassion.
We had some great questions and afterwards some great one to one discussions with the students. We had many heartfelt talks with some of the students and we could see the students totally understood that hatred is a choice and they have the power not to speak or act in hate.

Last Thoughts.

This school was so welcoming and engaging. The teachers, staff and students at this cracking school were a real privilege to speak to. The sincerity and understanding shown by the students, the commitment of the teaching staff and support staff is obvious to see. I hope that I get to return to this wonderful school.

Over & Out,