Young Ambassadors

How do we make change happen? What can we do to stop the hate, and combat extremism? The Young Ambassadors Challenge gives your students simple, everyday things to do.
Mike Haines Young Ambassadors Challenge

What is the challenge?

The Young Ambassadors Challenge is a way of answering the number one question young people ask me: “What can I do?”

Whether I’ve come to talk in your school, or your class has used the Global Acts of Unity resources, or you just want to join me in standing for peace and breaking the cycle of hatred, I warmly welcome your students to become Young Ambassadors.

The challenge is simple and it will test them – but in a good way!

Mike Haines with PSHE class

Print the challenge card

To begin with, print out the challenge card and hand a copy to each of your students. Then explain that there are four acts of kindness on the challenge card, and one pledge to Mike. Students need to cut out each of the four acts of kindness, and choose four different people they want to pass them onto.

Encourage them to give cards to people from different backgrounds who they’ve never really spoken to. It could be a classmate with different opinions, or maybe someone who just keeps themselves to themselves.

Although this exercise works well as a standalone, it’ll have even more impact if it’s done in conjunction with the PSHE interactive toolkit which you can find here. Students can fill in as many cards as they like. The more pledges they want to hand out, the better.

If printing in colour is a problem, you can download the black and white version here.

Download PDF

Let Mike know

After the four acts of kindness on the challenge card there’s a pledge to Mike. Once your pupils have filled it out, ask them to take a picture of it and email it across to him at He promises to do his very best to respond to all the pledges he receives.

You can see some heartfelt replies here.



"The best way to fight the extremists is to talk to people, to ask questions, to make friends.
The decisions you make every day will be the things that break the cycle of hatred."

– Mike Haines


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