17 September 2018

The Global Resilience Project’s Thriver Series.

The Interview.

Earlier this year Emma Bell of the Global Resilience Project visited my home to interview me for her series on Thrivers. The Thrivers series looks at how people who have faced some form of adversity and or tragedy. These inspirational people have turned that adversity to something positive. Emma interviewed fifty people from all over the country for her very moving series.

I would very much recommend looking up this project and series. I found so many of these people truly inspirational. People who have shown incredible strength, dedication and fortitude.

My interview with Emma went very well. Emma’s interview felt more like chatting with a friend than an interview. I was honoured to have been asked to be part of this Project and the Thriver’s Series, so without further ado I recommend you hit the link below and watch the interview. I do recommend that you watch the other videos in the series, I learnt such a lot from these wonderful and inspirational people.