13 March 2019

A Return to Luton.

Luton Remembered.

Global Acts of Unity first visited Luton in November 2017. We found Luton to be a really nice place to visit, friendly people and warm, compassionate students. We were not surprised to find nothing had changed when we returned to speak on the 6th and  7th of March.

The Schools.

On the 6thof March we returned to the excellent Ashcroft High to speak twice to different groups. The last time here we were challenged with some difficult questions and this time was no different. We love having discussions with the students. We met an amazing young film maker who we all, I am sure we will hear from in the future.

The 7thof March, GAU spoke twice again to two different year groups at Putteridge High School. This school packed out the Assembly Hall for us. Again, the students here provided a lively discourse after the presentation. Putteridge certainly provided some interesting questions.

Luton once again has proved how great they are. The students, staff have asked some quite different and insightful questions. A great big Global Acts of Unity thank you to the students and staff at the schools, to all those who had a hand in organising our visits.

A Last Word or Two.

GAU loves returning to places I have spoken at before. We like to see how our visits in the past have helped to change things just a little bit. We love to see the impact that the rejection of hate message has on first visits to a school or an area.


Well Luton, once again you have come up trumps. If you haven’t visited Luton before then head there for a great visit.


Over and Out,