5 June 2019

Iftar with the Ahmadiyyah.

Breaking of the Ramadan Fast.

After an invitation from the Ahmadiyyah Community my wife Vanessa, and I were only too glad to visit the Bait ul mahmood mosque. The invitation was to share in the Big Iftar Dinner.  As Vanessa and I had been invited to events in the past, we were only too pleased to have been invited to break fast with them.

The Ahmadiyyah, A Brief Introduction.

The Ahmadiyyah Community accept all religions and none. They live their mantra “Love for All, Hatred for None”. The essence of the teaching is: Believe in God as One without associate, and have sympathy with God’s creatures and be of good conduct and think no ill. Be such that no disorderliness or mischief should approach your heart. Utter no falsehood, invent no lies and cause no hurt to anyone whether by your tongue or your hands. The century-old sect views all religions as one community that is distinguished by taste.

The Evening.

The evening consisted of a small lecture on the Ahmadiyyah Community and how they came into being, their very small differences from the mainstream Islamic belief.
Then came a reading from a newly qualified Imam. He read from the Quran in Arabic and then translated for those of the audience including myself who did not understand the Arabic.
A brief talk on all the charitable events that the Ahmadiyyah community are involved in. It was quite surprising and gratifying to see how much the community is doing all over the country.
We witnessed the community’s prayers and then came the breaking of fast. My goodness me the food was so good. Vanessa and I cleared our plates and more. Along with the food we enjoyed great conversation with members of the mosque. GAU made really great contacts, the future looks bright for further cooperation between the Ahmadiyyah Community and GAU.

Last Thoughts

It was an evening to remember. It really was a great pleasure to break fast with our Ahmadiyyah friends. I look forward to working with them and continuing our friendship in the future.

Over & Out,