17 October 2017

Kicking off the school tour in Luton

On the 13th of October, I began a week-long visit to schools in and around Luton, the first of many places that I will be visiting over the next six months.

When many people think of Luton, I am sure they base most of their opinions through experiences at the airport. I was lucky to experience so much more than this. I have been warmly welcomed by the people of Luton, by people just guessing I was visiting and unknowing of my story. I have had many nice chats with local people sat at a café, so Thank You Luton.

This phase of the tour has seen the launch of the Young Ambassador Challenge, which is explained on a card that I distribute to the students I visit at schools around the country. On it are a series of activities that can and will make a difference. The students, and of course you the reader, can take up this challenge and by your own efforts make the world around you a better place. The activities can be a difficult or as easy as you make them, it is up to you. No matter how simple you make them, you will be making a difference. If you do not have a Young Ambassador Challenge Card then you can download one from here: https://mikehaines.globalactsofunity.com/young-ambassadors/.

Luton has really been a quite a surprise, the students there gave me the great honour of listening intently and then when it was time for questions they were quick, challenging and thoughtful. Luton should be very proud of its youth, you are a credit to the city.

I visited Stockwood Park Academy, Al Hikmah Madrasah (Girls and Boys), Ashcroft High and Luton Sixth Form College. I was struck by the exemplary behaviour of the students. When it came to question time there were some good tough questions.


Image © www.alhikmahschool.com