4 April 2018

Manchester Blog

My visit to Manchester took place in mid-March. It was my first visit to Manchester since the terrible night of that cowardly terror attack. I was a little apprehensive of my schools visit to the area as I was expecting a little hostility to the message I try to pass on. However, once again the people of Manchester proved their worth. My visits to the schools of Abraham Moss, St Bede’s, Withington Girls, Islamic School for Girls and Manchester Communications Academy were of the highest order. Not once did I encounter anger or hostility. Manchester, be proud of your youth.

I was in Manchester just after the bombing. I was so impressed to see the people of Manchester all faiths, colours, and cultures come together to reject hatred. I saw how the Manchester Bee united all people and was so moved by the feeling of unity.  On my return to Manchester I saw he emblem of the Manchester Bee everywhere. I was determined to show my respect and regard of Manchester in something very personal. I very proudly wear the emblem of Manchester on my right wrist.