10 December 2018

Global Acts of Unity visits the Ealing Area.

Our Visit to Ealing.

From the week of the 3rd of December, GAU was in the Ealing area of London visiting schools. Once again, the campaign was handsomely received by the schools.

The Schools.

The campaign visited the same school and in the case of Dormers Wells High School it was three times. One of the schools we visited were so keen to have us back they had emailed us to try and get us back that same week. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

We kicked off at the John Chilton School near Northolt. This school is quite amazing, people with all sorts of personal and physical difficulties all taking part in school life. There were some really great discussions with the students.

Tuesday saw us in the Azhar Academy for Girls. The school is housed in a beautiful old church that has been repurposed by some great modern architecture on the inside. The girls of the Academy were most appreciative of the GAU visit.

The students of the Alec Reed Academy were incredible. The session overran there was so many students wishing to talk with me. The amount of good wishes, questions and just general conversation was quite staggering.

We visited Dormers Wells High School three times. What a school so full of life and light. I had a couple of really challenging questions here which got me thinking.

My visit to Ealing was great, such enthusiasm and determination to reject hatred from the students. I have really enjoyed my visit to this area and I hope to return in the future.

Next Week.

I am really looking forward to my week in Newham and Enfield starting Monday. I am always amazed at how well the students understand how hate is a choice and they reject the hate.