15 December 2018

Ealing, Enfield, Newham Au Revoir.

Heading Home.

I am writing this on my way back home on the train to Dundee. GAU has just finished the last schools tour for this year. In my earlier blog I wrote about the Campaign’s visit to Ealing, this past week we were in in Enfield and Newham.

 The Week.

We returned to Kingsmead School which we were last at nearly two years ago. I was very pleased to return to this wonderful school. The last time we were here we had loads of questions and this time was no different.

Tuesday was taken up with filming and doing voice overs for the website. Believe me when I say filming is definitely not as glamourous as it sounds.

Wednesday I was at Quwwat-ul-Islam Girls School.  This school were so appreciative of our visit and the girls clustered round us asking loads of questions for quite some time.

Wednesday afternoon I had a meeting with my new team members and did some social media planning and training. In the new year I am going to be trying the mystical art of vlogging (video blogging for those of us over 25). I didn’t know what it meant either.

Thursday saw us at Oasis Academy and Enfield Grammar. What a difference in these schools, one ultra-modern and one steeped in the depths of history. However, they were very similar in the enthusiasm and level of interaction of their students. We were treated very nicely indeed thank you.

On Friday we finished off at the Northolt High School. What a fabulous way to finish off the GAU visit to Ealing, Enfield and Newham.

Summing Up.

This tour as in every tour has been so inspiring for me. I see the students determined to make that choice away from hatred. I see the determination to not let hate crime and hate speech be a part of our daily lives. Each and every time I am humbled by the response of the schools and their warm welcomes.

Ealing, Enfield and Newham, thank you, you have been amazing.