3 March 2019

Leaving Liverpool.

A Few Thoughts.

It’s a rainy miserable Sunday morning as my train pulls away from Liverpool. I find this time on the train great for reflecting back on the days we have had, wherever we have been. Leaving Liverpool has been a bit of a wrench. The students, staff and people of Liverpool have been quite wonderful. I wish. We had been able to stay longer in wonderful iconic city.

The Schools.

We arrived on Tuesday and had only three days to speak at schools here. On the Wednesday in the morning we visited Alder Training. A really interesting organisation helping students to fulfil their potential. The students were superb with a good few questions.

Early evening, we visited the Liverpool Arabic Centre. A great evening was spent with the community members. I heard many stories of tragedy and loss from people from all over the Arab world.

Thursday morning was spent at Prudentia Education. GAU were very warmly received by the students and staff here. We seemed to reach a good number of the students, it was a great success.

The afternoon saw us speaking at Hope School. What a superb establishment. Teachers and students were quite welcoming to the message of the campaign and there were a good few questions. The feedback we had from this school was incredible. It was such an honour to know we had such an impact.

Friday Global Acts of Unity visited the famous Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. LIPA has had many famous musicians, actors and singers come from its doors. Many years ago, I was a would-be musician, “more enthusiastic then skilful” and definitely not good enough to pass through these hallowed halls.

In the morning we spoke with the dancers. There were many tears shed by the students. However, I did see that realisation and determination take hold, and that is my greatest reward. There were some good questions and some great discussions afterwards.

The afternoon saw us with the musicians. A great, great audience with some real good discussions and questions. I asked them that when they are famous and playing big audiences, to look me up so `I could be their roady.

Final Thoughts

Visiting Liverpool has been magnificent for all kinds of reasons. It was a real pleasure for Global Acts of Unity to visit the iconic city. As always GAU would like to thank all who had a hand in organising our visit, the staff and teachers at the places we visited. Our biggest thanks goes to the students and audiences themselves, for their determination to reject hatred in all its forms.


Liverpool you were Braw!

Over and Out,