18 July 2019

GAU in the Red Dragon Country.

GAU in Cardiff.

The lilting Welsh accent greeted me as I stepped off the train in Cardiff. It had been many many years since I had last visited this great city. It was 8th of July, I was here to speak at the Gabalfa Community Education Centre the following morning.
I had a few hours to wander round Cardiff centre before turning in for an early night. My Dad was based at RAF St Athan many years ago when David and myself were young. We often used to visit Cardiff with my parents. I wanted to see if I could remember any of the city. Alas no, so much has changed the only thing I could recognise was the Castle. After a pleasant walk round and a bite to eat I headed back to the hotel.

Gabalfa Community Education Centre.

We arrived at Gabalfa Community Education Centre on a gorgeous morning. The students and staff came in and sat down and the first of the two presentations began. The morning went really well with the students engaging so well. There were some great discussions with students and staff alike. The afternoon started off well and then got better and better. There were some great questions from the students and staff alike. We were trialling the new Global Acts of Unity wristbands, they seemed to go down very well indeed with staff and students.

The wonderful staff are rightly proud of their marvellous students. These students like all our youth are facing really difficult challenges and narratives. I saw how they understood the corrosive nature of hate. Many of the students and staff were visibly moved by the presentation, once again I was encouraged and inspired by these quite incredible young men and women.

Last Words.

Well my visit to Cardiff was short and sweet. I made a note to visit this great city and great country of Wales for longer. Cardiff was so bonny, the people so friendly. The staff and students of Gabalfa were so welcoming and heart warming. Cardiff,,,,,,Thank You!

Over & Out,