13 October 2019

A Return to Forest Academy, Ilford

Forest Academy, GAU’s Return.

It was a fine sunny morning as Global Acts of Unity headed out from central London out to Ilford. We were speaking at The Forest Academy, giving two presentations to the students there. We have been to Forest Academy before and were only to happy to return to this excellent school.

The Visit Itself.

Forest Academy were as in the past well organised for our visit. The tech was set up very quickly without any issues. The students arrived with the usual chatter and noise. You could see a certain curiosity at who and what they were in for.

The first presentation went very well indeed. The students were attentive and respectful. At the end there were loads of questions to answer for the Question and Answer session. We had some great discussions with the students.

The afternoon’s presentation again went very well. Again, the students showed so much respect and gave all their attention. I was most surprised by the number of students who wanted to ask a question, shake my hand or even give me a hug.

Overall our visit to this great school has been a roaring success. The students were yet again so enthusiastic about the rejection of hatred. We were as before impressed by Forest Academy.

Last Thoughts.

East London has been in the news a great deal recently, the rise of knife crime has concerned us all. The students of Forest Academy are standing against such crimes and are involved with their community. Forest Park is a great school and we were so happy to have been asked to re-visit. I look forward to visiting this inspiring school and their inspiring students.

Over & Out,