8 February 2020

From Leven to Cumbernauld.

Levenmouth & Greenfauld

Global Acts of Unity visited Levenmouth Academy and then on the following day we were at Greenfaulds High School.

Levenmouth Academy.

Levenmouth Academy is in Leven, Fife on the east coast of Scotland on the Firth of Forth. The morning of 30th of January was a beautiful day. Global Acts of Unity travelled to Leven by bus. Leven is a bonny wee town that has a bustling town centre that is both friendly and welcoming.

The Presentation.

Levenmouth Academy is a modern building that has some great facilities. The students all trooped in with the usual chatter and confusion as to why they were there and what they were going to be doing. There is always a certain amount of curiosity when the students see me in my three piece suit.

The students listened to the presentation with respect, warmth and compassion. I always find it most moving the way students show their warmth. The presentation went without a hitch and then during the Question and Answer session there were plenty of gret questions.

Second to Last Thoughts.

My visit to this modern thriving school was a great day. The students were so engaged and interested. The levenmouth Academy staff could not do enough to help GAU. Thank you all for your help and orgaanisation.


Greenfaulds High School.

On the 31st GAU visited Greenfaulds in Cumbernauld near Glasgow. This is an ultra-modern secondary school set in beautiful grounds. Like many of our modern schools the facilities are impressive to say the least. Greenfaulds is a large school by Scottish standards with over 1400 students. One thing that was most apparent was how clean this school was, not just kept by staff but also students, showing pride in their school.

The Presentation.

The presentation was such a great success. There was a great deal of emotion in the audience both from students and staff as well as me. The students were so well engaged and showed again compassion, warmth and sensitivity. Again there were many questions and lots of students stayed to ask me questions.

Last Thoughts.

These schools separated by many miles had many things in common, like all the schools GAU visits. The dedication from the teachers and staff to their students is commendable. The pride in the school from the students is wonderful. The intelligence and yet sensitivity of the questions we received was quite wonderful. Global Acts of Unity is so impressed with all the students we meet and talk with.

I would like to personally thank Levenmouth and Greenfaulds for all the organisation and the hosting of GAU at your great schools.