10 February 2017

BBC World Service Interview

Mike Haines

I gave an interview for the BBC World Service’s Outlook programme that was aired on 6th February. Outlook is broadcast globally, and has a reach of 66 million listeners.

The presenter and I talked about how the kidnapping of my brother David Haines affected my family and some of the issues surrounding his kidnapping. We also talked about his death and how my family reacted to his murder by terrorists. It was, as I am sure you will recognise, an emotional interview. One of the nice parts of the interview was talking of our childhood and how we travelled a lot as my father was moved all over the world. It was an opportunity to publicly acknowledge how important the lessons that our parents gave us, against prejudice, racism and intolerance.

The responses and good wishes after the programme was aired has been quite wonderful and very supportive, thank you all.

If you missed it, you can listen to it on the BBC website by following this link: My Kidnapped Brother’s Secret CodeĀ