8 December 2018

Day of the OBE Ceremony.

OBE Ceremony Nerves.

Well the day of the OBE ceremony had finally arrived. I had travelled down to London with my Godparents and my wife Vanessa. We were staying in London in the Waterloo area.

We were all in our finery Vanessa in a gorgeous hat and dress and my Godparents looking very smart as well. I was wearing my kilt as I like to do on ceremonial occasions. I must admit to quite a bit of nervous energy the thought of the OBE ceremony was quite scary.

Buckingham Palace.

We took the taxi to the front of Buckingham Palace and to the clicking of tourist photos we walked through the gates. It was so grand walking through the palace. We were separated into recipients and guests. The guests were led off as were we. The recipients were briefed on what was going to happen and when and the correct responses.

We were lined up and you could see into the Royal Ballroom to what was happening. Prince William the Duke of Cambridge was giving out the honours. It was most nerve wracking standing there waiting for my turn. It was very efficient yet respecting that today was a very special day for all the recipients.

HRH the Duke of Cambridge.

Then it was my turn. I walked out, bowed to Prince William who then pinned my OBE onto my chest. We spoke for a few minutes, HRH was very aware of the work of the campaign and spoke of the need for such work to be done. He spoke about my brother and my late parents in such a touching way. I was not prepared for the emotion that flooded through me. HRH was so kind and understanding.

The day was so wonderful, the grandeur of the ceremony, the sense of history as you walk down the corridors of the Palace. Being able to be there at the Palace with my Godparents and my wife. That day will stay with me always.

I do want to say though that the OBE is a team effort. I work with a really committed team who are superb. The students play a massive part in this OBE as well, they are the real winners.