18 December 2018

Global Acts of Unity Christmas Message.

Christmas is Coming.

You may have noticed, it’s coming close to Christmas. It maybe the lights on trees, wreaths on the doors. It might be the that slightly crazed smile on the faces of retailers as they are subjected to the same dozen Christmas carols over and over again. It might be the ringing of tills and parents stressing over getting that perfect present. Hopefully it is those smiling hopeful excited faces of our children that give it away.

Spare a Thought.

Christmas is a holiday of fun and laughter however not for everyone. Our emergency services, hero’s one and all, who are looking out for us. The many nurses, doctors and staff at the hospitals who will at best only have a few hours with their family’s before they head in for their shift. The members or our Navy, Army and Air Force many of them far from home. The charities helping those who need help. There are those who are suffering mental hardships, loneliness, fear and homelessness. Please give these people a seconds thought if not more, as you pull your crackers and raise your glasses.

A Big Big Thank You.

It is at this time that we thank those who have helped and worked for us. I am no different, I have many people who over this past year have worked on the Global Acts of Unity campaign. I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart. No matter if you have only made the coffee or done the photocopying, whether you have advised, cajoled, threatened (am joking on the last one). There is no one person who is worth more than any other and that includes me. Valued team members moved on, you made me laugh, cry and enjoy the craic.

We have had some year, reaching a campaign milestone, the OBE. You have been amazing, each year the amount of work we do goes up a notch. I can’t do what I do, without you doing what you do. We are a team, a great team, we are family.

Family and Friends.

I also want to thank my family and friends. My new bride Vanessa has been so supportive as have my sons and Godparents. My new In-laws Ian and Mary (mam and da) have been wonderful as well (mainly for not shooting me). Friends old and new you have all played a part. I am a most fortunate man.

I wish you all the very very best Christmas and a merry New Year, you deserve it. I look forward to the new year myself as once again the campaign ramps up. Have a good one!

Last but Not Least.

i want to thank the thousands of students who have made this past year so special

So for the last time this year I am signing off “roger and out”.