30 October 2019

Hertfordshire Here We Come.

GAU at Hertford Regional College.

On the evening of 16th October, we travelled down from Bradford to Hertfordshire. The following morning, we were speaking at Hertford Regional College at two of their campuses over two days.

It was our first time visiting this area, so we were very happy to have been invited.

The Presentations.

On the morning of 17th we were off to Hertford Regional Colleges’ Broxbourne Campus. Hertford Regional College is a modern impressive building with some great resources at hand. George Ezra was a former student here.

GAU’s two presentations went extremely well with the students here. There were some great questions and some really touching chats with the students. Our two audiences were very attentive and completely understood the GAU message of the “Rejection of Hate”.

The following day we were visiting the Ware Campus speaking with the students there. Again, the students were so engaged, and we could feel the compassion and warmth from these quite amazing students.

All three of the student audiences were really inspiring, they were a real credit to themselves and their college.

Wonderful Feedback.

I would like to share with you all a message I received from one of the students; “I was privileged enough to be invited to listen to Mike deliver one of the most inspirational talks I have heard. I came away feeling the pain for Mike and his family but also thinking how amazing he was. Not only for sharing his story but also knowing that hate can turn to hope, I found him truly inspirational. I do feel that all students, teachers and youth workers should be asked to go and see Mike and help spread the word, that we should all have more tolerance with others and that hate is not the way forward in life”

I can honestly say the message above really touched us all at GAU. It is a real honour for us all to be a part of all the students journey away from hate.

Last Thoughts.

Our first visit to Hertford was a real success. Hertford is a lovely area and most interesting. Unfortunately, we were only here for a short time so we could not explore much. I really hope we get to visit the students of the Hertford Regional College again and meet more at schools in the area.

Over & Out,